Wine Consultations by Esteban Brunello

We are excited to introduce our consulting services to bars and restaurants as well to individuals with personal wine collections. For bar or restaurant owners looking to think outside the box, we can bring our passion and knowledge about wine to a higher and more detailed level. Whether it’s coming up with innovative wine and food pairings, training your staff about wine, or looking to increase or change up your wine selection, we can help! And if you’ve always dreamed of having that special wine collection in your cellar at home, we can assist you in acquiring rare, vintage, or even everyday bottles of wine for you to enjoy. No collection is too big or too small!

Esteban Brunello, owner/sommelier of Brunello Wine Bar, can help you build the collection you’ve always aspired to procure. His knowledge extends from helping you pick budget friendly day-to-day wines to finding those special bottles that you can age for years to come.