Durham Wine Tasting Series 2023


February 11th @ 2pm

Come celebrate Valentine’s Day weekend with us as we profess our love for Italian wines from North to South. We visit some of our favorite regions throughout Italy in hopes that you’ll love them too!

April 22nd @ 2 pm

April is Esteban’s birthday month. So let’s explore his favorite style of wine! All things orange! If you want to learn more about Orange wines or are already in love with them, this class is for you.

June 3rd @ 2 pm

Warm weather is the perfect time of year to indulge in some mineral-driven whites. Travel the world with us as we showcase regions known for minerally white wines that are sure to cool you off in the summer heat.

August 12th @ 2 pm

You can’t enjoy red wines in the summer?! Reds with a chill?! Get ready to bask in all the deliciousness that is light-bodied and chilled reds suited for chillin’, grillin’, and sitting by the pool!

September 9th @ 2 pm

Republic of Georgia
Amazing class from the motherland of wine. Come and enjoy a special rosé from Dato’s Wines from four generations ago. Amber will be part of it, and the magnificent Saperavi as well.

November 18th @ 2pm – Orange Wine #2

After selling out on the April’s class and guests not being able to get tickets, we added a second one. So, hurry up and get them if you want in!